Abundance Minded Entrepreneurs Gather Here

A weekly virtual networking event for people in business who believe that the best way to grow is to give.

Every Tuesday, noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific.

Always free to attend.
Come ready to share you connections, ideas, and opportunities.

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We are seeking partners to grow The Networking Brunch

Are there abundance minded entrepreneurs in your audience? Perhaps we should partner.

The promotional partnership is simple. Each week, we a different partner promotes the Brunch to their audience. The partner gets 5 minutes at the start of the event to make an invitation to anything that doesn't have an upfront cost: a webinar, a summit, another networking event, a Zoom call, a picnic. Whatever is valuable.

The partner then gets 30 minutes at the end of the Brunch to do a presentation or Q&A or otherwise engage with anyone who wants to stick around to learn more about them.

We will also promote the invitation to our email list.

Anyone who has the right type of audience is welcome, whether it's 50 people or 50,000,000.

To express interest, click here to fill out this short form and we'll be in touch.